Youth to Youth (Y2Y) – deliberations and sharing of experiences on the current Mediterranean Refugee and Migrant Crisis: its challenges, impacts and opportunities


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Our project aims to mobilize youths in high schools in the EuroMed region to gain more awareness, reflect on, and contribute their voices and local knowledge to the ongoing cross Mediterranean refugee and migrant crisis. The project will address this using non-formal education tools to address the issue of intolerance among youth.

This will happen through, firstly; facilitating the youths with knowledge and understanding of the current refugee drift, and the challenges, impacts and opportunities it presents to the region. Facilitate youth exchange of perceptions on the crisis by bringing youths in these contexts together in workshops, and through online platforms. In addition, empower and facilitate them to engage with their local and regional authorities and societies, as a way of including youth voices in public debates.

The project, targets sixteen (16) high school youths from the partner countries, who will be trained as ambassadors of diversity and change for a more tolerant, culturally understanding and receptive Euro-Med region. These will in turn utilize the gained skills, tools and knowledge to lead and implement similar trainings and related activities in their local schools and communities through round table discussions and school information workshops among others.

The project consortium is comprised of four partner organizations from Denmark, Turkey, Sweden and Lebanon. The project activities will run for one year with implementations in local schools and communities of the partner countries.

Project Objectives:

  1. To facilitate 16 youths from 4 EuroMed countries to exchange perceptions, knowledge and ideas, as well as reflect on the challenges, impacts and opportunities presented by the current cross Mediterranean refugee/migrant crisis through discussion workshops and creative activities
  2. Facilitate emergence of ambassadors of Diversity and Change for a tolerant Euro-Med through trainings in tools and methods of youth mobilization, youth facilitation, creative writing, public communication, conflict resolution and advocacy
  3. To facilitate and support the start of platforms for youths to engage with local and regional authorities on the EuroMed refugee/migrant crisis


  • An online youth communication and interaction platform (the Youth2Youth platform) created
  • A 5-day Exchange seminar for 16 youths from 4 countries within the EuroMed region held
  • A one-day story-telling session held, and sharable EuroMed youth’s storybook compiled
  • A one-day course on the EuroMed region contextualizing the refugee crisis
  • Four (4) EuroMed clubs started in 4 high schools across the participating countries
  • A two-day ambassador of Diversity and Change for a tolerant EuroMed through trainings in tools and methods of youth mobilization, youth facilitation, creative writing, communication, conflict resolution and advocacy
  • A public symposium and discussion session with local youth leaders and other politicians held
  • Four (4) round table discussions with local politicians, leaders and the general public held across all participating countries, with one (1) round table in each country
  • Eight (8) workshops concerning the refugee crisis held in 8 high schools across the participating countries, with two workshops in each country


Funding institution: Anna Lindh Foundation,

Project duration: 01/10/2016 – 30/05/2017

Contacts:, +4526918439,