We Must Stand in Solidarity

We Must Stand in Solidarity

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I am currently holding the President position in the Club of International Relations, facility of Law and Political Science based in the Notre Dame University-Louaize. We were thinking of a way to challenge our society and decided to launch a donation campaign for the Syrian refugees in Lebanon and partnered with another club in the American University of Beirut to maximise the number of donations. After the campaign ended we had enough donations to give to 23 refugee families living in Beer Hassan camp in Akkar-North Lebanon through Relief and Reconciliation for Syria. We had no idea how the camps looked but we had the chance to experience the miserable conditions they were living in. We were hosted with love by the refugees and the best part of the experience was not only being able to put a smile on people that are being prevented from it, but the expression they gave us when we told them that we are here with a message of solidarity and support. We asked them to keep their faith and hope for a better future and assured them that there are people like us that will give them all the support they need despite having alot against them. I learned to be blessed, to put myself in people’s feet before judging or hate on them, and this changed my view about them and will fight for their rights till the end. Its easy to sit home and hate, but its not easy to experience the struggle of others.

By Elie, Lebanon

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