Value People Because They are Humans

Value People Because They are Humans

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One day, my car’s tire was in a bad condition, so I stopped through a tire’s shop to fix it. There was a Syrian guy, who works there, he is a nice 10 year old that seemed to look happy, but you could feel the misery through his eyes. So after he fixed the tire, I asked him how much should I pay, so he excused himself to ask his boss. After coming back, I was amazed that he asked for only one dollar, so I asked him why did you refer to your boss, at least ask for more and keep the change? The lovely kid answered :”Even if the boss wouldn’t know, our God is watching from above.” I was amazed how mature this little kid is, so I asked him about the situation in Syria and his parents. The question triggered something inside him and he swiftly told me that his parents are in God’s hands. I felt sad but noticed how strong this kid is about it, so I asked him : “how are you not frustrated about it?” And the kid kept surprising me and said :”My frustration and sorrow around my country made me forget about the death of my parents. I couldn’t stop thinking about the kid all day along . I came home, went to my mother to find a way for help, because my help could be only on money wise. The day after, we just packed a bag with clothes and donated them to this lovely kid.

“Learn how to value people for being human beings.”

By Omar Zoor, Lebanon

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