The Spit Man

The Spit Man

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Last year, a picture went viral on Danish media as well as other medias worldwide. In the picture, there is a white Danish man, spitting after a group of Syrian refugees. He was standing on a bridge over the highway, where the Syrian refugees were walking. I saw it on an article on a newspaper called Ekstra Bladet.

They released several articles concerning this middle aged “spit-man”, accused of racism. The “Spit-man made me cry, and worse, this Spit-man spat on several refugees before being stopped by his wife.

But even though the Danish media has turned against the spit-man, we still see this behavior elsewhere in our country. The past years, Denmark has witnessed the rise of nationalism. The nationalists party of Denmark – Danish People’s Party, won 21.1% of the votes in the 2015 Danish election. So, it is evident that at least a fifth of the people in my country want refugees to stay out. The spit-man is merely a symbol of the anti-refugee movement in Denmark.

In 8th grade of public school, I visited an asylum camp a bit away from my city. I was there to do an interview with the Danish man who ran the place. But I saw the refugees there, and the truth is that they are just like us, like me. The kids play ball, and play with dolls too. The adults hang out too, just like the Danes I know do.

One of the main arguments of the DPP is that there is more criminality in areas where refugees live. The truth is that, ethnical Danes (white people), discriminate these refugees, and refuse to recognize them as true Danes or members of society.

This segregation is a big problem, and nationalism and unsolved prejudices will not help in solving the problem either. Accepting diversity on the other hand will give the solution a chance.

By Frederik, Denmark

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