Integration requires our will

Integration requires our will

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During the first half or so of 2015 Sweden was very open and we took in a lot of refugees. Germany and Sweden are the two countries in Europe who have taken the in the most people. This makes me very proud to call myself a Swede and it made me very proud when it happened. But after that something happened, we closed our borders and said “we can’t take as many anymore” and I became very confused. On the news, I saw people talking about refugees as bad guys, as the cause of many problems that we have in Sweden and I didn’t recognise these thoughts. This isn’t the Sweden I know. And with the rise of SD (The Swedish Democrats) getting more and more votes in the election and other parties changing their views, I became frustrated and wondering. I wondered who these people are who don’t want to help their fellow humans fleeing from war, who want to deport children who are here alone and who blame the refugees for coming here. They didn’t come here because they dislike Sweden, they came here for help and because we have a reputation of solidarity and they expected help. And this is also a two way street. In Sweden we have a declining amount of youths and an increasing amount of old people. We need immigration to function as a country. Sure, we might find it hard in the beginning to get them situated in Swedish society and integrate them. But when they are, we will benefit greatly. I don’t mind having a high standard of living but when someone comes from war or other disasters and asks for help, I wouldn’t want to be the guy who says “no,we can’t!” On the contrary, I wouldn’t hesitate to let some of my privileges go if it means that one more family find a safe haven in Sweden

Anton, Sweden

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