Everyone deserves a chance

Everyone deserves a chance

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My grandpa and grandma fled from Hungary in the 60s because of the oppression from the Communist Party in their country. After spending about half a year in Austria working in the wine industry, they were granted refuge in Sweden. The way they handled refugees is nothing like today. They received no benefits whatsoever and they were living in ….. attending school to learn Swedish. After a while they got an apartment in Helsingborg. However, this was not given to them, my grandpa was a welder and he applied for a job and his only condition was that they paid for his apartment, which they did. During his time as a welder, he helped construct at least three nuclear power plants in Sweden. In the meanwhile, my grandmother worked at a Kindergarten teaching and caring for cohorts of children for at least 30 years.

Why did they have the opportunity to accomplish this? Because they were given a chance by society and they were integrated. Everyone should have a chance. I reflected on their story and realised that giving someone a chance, can give someone a life.

Anonymous, Sweden

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