A Lifting will to Live

A Lifting will to Live

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I was on my way home after a long day at school, when I stopped at the red light. A beggar knocked on my window asking for money. She was about twelve years old, veiled, tired, cold, hungry, despite, vulnerable, angry, but she just stood there peacefully staring at me, waiting for any act of kindness.

I said: “what’s your name”, she answered: “my name is Nour”. I asked: “for how long have you been on the streets?” she said: “I lost my father because of war in Syria, so my mom decided to move to Lebanon, she has not been able to take care of me and my siblings, alone so I had to help her out, I’ve walked the streets of Hamra all day every day for more than six months.”

The green light turned on and I drove back home, silently contemplating what I had just heard, wondering why is that a young girl, with the same name as mine, nearly half my age, has to carry such a heavy burden at such a young age, while at the same time, I get to live a normal life.

To this every time I drive back home, I pass by the same red light, and stand in awe contemplating her willingness to live despite it all.

By Nour Bou Malhab, Lebanon

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