Since its inception, Crossing Borders has had one objective – to facilitate that young people non-violently engage with society issues that affect their societies, with the aim of contributing to sustainable solutions. To aid aid this Crossing Borders has thus provided the platform so dialogue, and in this way developed and implemented many such projects that facilitate this objective.

One of the newest os the series of these projects are what we now call – Youth-to-Youth (Youth2Youth), deliberations and solution building, hinged in the notion that, it is no longer accurately appropriate to assume that youths are only receivers of knowledge, but rather active producers, propagators and deliverers of knowledge and awareness.

The Youth2Youth series therefore aim at facilitating young people learning from each other and together, about contemporary issues of their communities, and taking this knowledge across all forms of borders in pursuit of lasting solutions.

As a part of the Youth2Youth series we have so far implemented three projects since early 2016, all presented on different pages of this website. We are glad that you are looking by to learn more about these projects.